ECOLINE – Water and Heating Distribution System

Whether you deal with water or heating distribution, you need quality and proven systems that excel in high safety, tight joints, and long service life. The ECOLINE system offers the correct solution which includes two product lines:

PPR – plastic pipes and fitting pieces designed primarily for indoor installation of cold (drinking) and hot water distribution systems;

PPR with fibreglass – multilayer pipes reinforced with fibreglass designed for hot water and heating distribution systems. The plastic pipe is reinforced with fibreglass, providing higher strength and lower thermal expansion of the pipe.

To connect individual parts, the ECOLINE system uses the established method of poly-fusion welding. The weld is the strongest part of the entire system. The ECOLINE system offers all-plastic and multilayer pipes, and all-plastic and combined fittings in sizes from 20 to 32 mm.

The ECOLINE system is produced in the European Union. In the production process, exceptional stress is laid on the ecological aspect. During production process and subsequent application, no substances harmful to human health and the environment are used or generated.

Main benefits of the ECOLINE system

long service life

simple installation

hygienic reliability

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